Dark Circle

Dark circles under the eyes describe a common appearance of the lower eyelids characterized by darkened appearance of skin in peri orbital area. It is due to various causes.
The dark appearance can be due to :
  • lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits
  • allergies, including hay fever
  • hyperpigmentation, which happens when the body produces more melanin
  • reduced levels of fatty tissue around the eyes
  • thinning skin under the eyes
  • anemia from iron deficiency
  • overexposure to sunlight
  • frequent rubbing of the eyes
  • aging
  • smoking
  • thyroid disease
  • dehydration
  • dermatitis
Treatment of dark circles under the eyes depends on its nature. General measures include :
  • Adequate sleep
  • Smoking cessation
  • Sleep with extra pillows to elevate the head and reduce eyelid swelling
  • Massage temporary swelling while applying a cold compress
  • Cold compresses also minimise the appearance of prominent blood vessels
  • Cosmetic camouflage
Unfortunately, many of the remedies on the market lack evidence of efficacy.
Medical treatments to reduce pigmentation can include :
  • Protection from sun exposure using sunglasses
  • Topical agents; however dermal pigmentation responds poorly, and eyelids are sensitive so the stronger products may irritate (see melasma)
  • Chemical peels to reduce fine lines and surface pigmentation
  • Laser treatments.
Loss of tissue (hollowing) and tear trough can be managed by aesthetic medical and surgical procedures :
  • Dermal Fillers is a solution to such problems