Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have been part of human culture for years, with different patterns and symbolic values. Laser tattoo removal uses the physical properties of photoselective thermolysis to remove tattoo pigment. The technique has gradually improved over the years with the development of Q-switched lasers, with overall good results and a relatively low degree of adverse effects. However, lasers cannot always erase the unwanted tattoo completely, and there are still risks of unwanted effects such as scarring, pigment changes, ink darkening, and potential aggravation of latent skin conditions.
Our centre is equipped with Q Switch NdYag Laser to deal with all such problems and help remove those unwanted Tattoos.
This laser is the latest new generation technology for aesthetic use. Through trillions of a second and powerful laser energy to grind the pigment in the skin tissue to reach the result of completely tattoo removal and pigment in all type of skin color.