Treatment of Moles

The majority of moles and other blemishes are benign (non-cancerous). If in doubt, the dermatologist will remove the mole, or part of it, so that thin sections from the mole can be cut and examined under a microscope. This is a simple and harmless procedure. If the growth was only partially removed and it is found to be cancerous, then the entire lesion and an extra margin of safety will need to be removed.
The most common methods of removal include numbing the spot and then removing mole off with Radiofrequency/ Electrocautery, or for some moles, cutting out the entire lesion and stitching the area closed.
Most procedures used to remove moles take only a short time and can be performed in a dermatologist’s office. Sometimes a mole will recur after it is removed. If a removed mole does begin to reappear, the patient should return to see the doctor.
Most moles cause no problems. But occasionally a mole may look ugly, unattractive, irritating, or changing. If you see any signs of change or want a mole removed for cosmetic reasons, consult your dermatologist.